What Makes CEA Special....

Founded in 1995, the Cowtown Executive Association has built a reputation as one of the strongest

networking groups in the state. The membership is made up of business owners and c-suite executives who understand the importance of strong relationships. You would be hard pressed to find another group that has referred more business to one another.  

Unlike networking groups that have members come and go, CEA has members who have stayed for many years. Thus making membership within the club a hot commodity. With membership only being awarded to one company per category, many potential members wait years for a spot to open. 

All members of CEA are vetted through thorough background checks, as well as business reputation checks. When you are dealing with a business that is a member of CEA, you are dealing with people who stand for integrity and hard work.  The people is what makes this organization strong, the reputation is what makes this organization stand out.




Number of referrals
in 2020 YTD

Six Figures

Money generated from those referrals


Amount of effort our Members put into growing business success stories

Members and Approved Guests

Meet Every Thursday at 7am

Fort Worth Club

306 West 7th Street

Fort Worth, TX  76102

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